Video: live on the Mulligans balcony

Amsterdam we had a blast! Friday 24 July was our 23rd gig in Mulligans Irish Music Bar, but it was the first time since the re-opening.

Due to COVID-19, the bar had been closed for months and the music was pretty much gone. Now Mulligans is bringing the music back, but in a very responsible way. Small bands like ourselves our allowed to play on the balcony so that customers can sit down and social distancing and all other measures can be managed. The music is broadcasted throughout the whole building, and can be watched on various TV screens.

Great support

In this great setting, we played all night for the love of the music and to support this fine music bar. Thanks for everyone who came in to support us and the bar: the atmosphere was magic. And for the first time since the re-opening, Mulligans was ‘buzzing’. Here’s a wee video of our song Seven White Horses as played on Mulligans balcony: