The Whiskey War on Maui Celtic Radio

Aloha folks, we’re so stoked that Maui Celtic Radio Show gave The Whiskey War a spin on Hawaii local radio.

Big shout out to Hamish Burgess, presenter of the Maui Celtic Radio Show at KAKU 88.5 FM. He thought our wee song The Whiskey War was fit for his show and even dove into the story behind the song. Which is still pretty funny!

Aloha Hawaii

So it’s aloha again Hawaii, as Hamish also played our song Seven White Horses before. Two happy Dutch campers here, who can say their music has been played on Hawaii local radio! You can listen back to the show here:

Maui Celtic Radio Show of Sunday 1 August 2021

Find out more about the Maui Celtic Radio Show on mauiceltic.com.