Story behind the song

The story behind Seven White Horses

The story of Seven White Horses is about the legend of Aileen’s wave, the big surf near the Cliffs of Moher.

The queen of the waves that sleeps near the Cliffs of Moher in county Clare Ireland is a true challenge for big wave surfers. While we as ‘longboard surfers’ prefer the wee waves close to Lahinch instead, we’re still on a mission to see Aileen’s power in full swing. And we haven’t actually met her yet.

The legend

So, the legend tell that this enormous wave was formed ages ago. When Saint Patrick came to Ireland, not everybody was so pleased with him bringing Christianity to the Celtic island. The seven Tuatha Dé Danann, the mythical magic kings of Ireland, were furious. They stood upon the Cliffs of Moher and in their anger, they transformed themselves into seven white horses.

Aileen’s wave

The foals jumped of the cliff edge into the roaring Atlantic Ocean. The spot where they leapt into the afterlife is known as Aill na Searrach, or Foals’ Leap. Together, the seven white horses form Aileen’s wave. If you look closely to the breaking waves, you can see the white horses in the white foam as they ride high. Have you seen Aileen?

Have you seen?

When Anne-Lotte first heard about the saga back in October 2016, she wrote a poem about it. Two years later, she put the poem Aileen to music. And the seven white horses are galloping ever since. For the album, we came across a stunning image of Aileen’s wave made by Gary McCall which is now the cover of the album. The barrel forms a perfect eye – it is almost as if the wave of our dreams is looking at us. Although we haven’t seen Aileen yet… Not yet!

This video of us playing Seven White Horses (Aileen) was taken by our good friend Trish Flanagan in June 2019 at the beautiful Moher Cottage in Liscannor, county Clare Ierland. We’re a a stone’s throw away of the Cliffs of Moher and the Aill na Searrach (Foals’ Leap).