Seven white horses, the album is now available!

Now for sale: Seven White Horses, the new album by Boxin’ The Vox. If you want to order the cd, just send a mail to mail@boxinthevox.com.

It’s only 10 euros for 10 songs plus some shipping costs! Just get in touch and we’ll send the Seven white horses your way!

Seven White Horses featuring 10 original, self-written songs by Boxin’ The Vox. All lyrics are included in the booklet. Read the story behind the songs by clicking on the track title:

  1. Seven White Horses – the legend of Aileen’s wave near the Cliffs of Moher
  2. Keep The Fires Burning – a folk song about the historical town Nieuwkoop (Holland)
  3. Mr. Alzheimer – a real protest song against Alzheimer disease
  4. The Whiskey War – the enthusiastic pub song about the whiskey war between Canada and Denmark about the rocky island Hans
  5. Close – a very personal song from a son to his deceased dad, situated on the west coast of Clare, Ireland
  6. Day of Days – in remembrance of the paratroopers that sacrificed themselves on D-day 6 June 1944
  7. An Ísiltír – The Irish word for the Netherlands, why we love to go to Ireland, but always come back home to the lowlands of Holland
  8. Waiting For Your Love – a bluesy tale of a left behind lover, who’s finds out that the whole lovestory was a lie.
  9. Too Slow – Energetic teasing song for the frontrunners in this world. And if you can’t follow, I am sorry you’re too slow!
  10. Before you depart – The moment before a final goodbye, captured in a folk song. Take one last look over your shoulder before you leave…

On the album you’ll hear:
Boxin’ The Vox
Anne-Lotte Paymans (vox, guitar)
David Plasmeijer (vox, lute, banjo, electric & bass guitar, drums & cricket)

Special thanks to:
Adam Shapiro (fiddle)
Dave Munnelly (box)
Janos Koolen (mandoline)
Jon O’Connell (double bass)

Seven White Horses is released in May 2020
All songs written by Boxin’ The Vox
Recorded at Studio Doornenburg & Malbay Studios
Mixed & mastered by Janos Koolen
Photo of Aileen’s wave by Gary McCall Photography