Review by Roots Music Canada

Yay, shout out to Gordy the Moose for putting up Roots Music Canada for reviewing our song The Whiskey War.

Boxin’ the Vox – The Whiskey War

Release date: June 1, 2020

Here at Roots Music Canada we only cover non-Canadians if there’s a really good reason for it. Well, you got us, Boxin’ the Vox. We couldn’t deny that this was a good reason: this album includes a song about the whiskey war between Canada and Denmark.

“What whiskey war?” you ask. I assume they’re talking about the “war” over the disputed territory of Hans Island, which lies between Greenland and the Canadian north. Unable to agree on who owns the island, Canadian and Danish diplomats periodically visit it to plant their flag and leave either a bottle of Canadian whiskey or Danish Schapps, to stake their claim. This Dutch band was duly amused by all of this, as most people would be, and wrote this little ditty about us.


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