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Yeehaa! The Flemish quarterly magazine Folk published a review of our album Seven White Horses, written by J’O Van Dessel. Check it out!

You can find the review in Dutch at or read the translation below:

Boxin’ the vox – Seven white horses

Special thanks to Dave Munnelly! Then I prick up my ears, knowing that this sweating and toiling Irishman plays the accordion until all notes, basses and registers have been covered.

Anne-Lotte Paymans and David Plasmeijer come out of the corner and make a strong impression with this completely self-written and played CD.

Seven horses wild and free, seven white horses calling the sea.

The tone is immediately set, the bridge between the Netherlands and Ireland is built. County Clare, the cradle of the folk revival at the end of the seventies of last century, whiskey, peat, storm at sea, D-day, love and homesickness. That will get you a long way.

Smooth songs, catchy rhythms and varied lyrics. Anne-Lotte’s characteristic voice blends beautifully with the supporting instruments. Light and frisky where possible, a little heavier where necessary and allowed. A beautiful concatenation of contemporary Irish folk sounds, occasionally tilting towards country, which happens in this genre, it all hangs together after all. Meanwhile, Irish/Celtic folk has evolved so much that there is a clear distinction between the real traditional music, the popular pub genre and the contemporary modern sound that is not averse to modern influences of all kinds.

Boxin’ the Vox has the voices and sounds nicely lined up and lets them flutter out of the boxes at will.

No ‘Seven Horses in the sky’ but seven white horses riding the waves that keep rolling in on the west coast of Ireland.

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Seven White Horses – the ‘stay home’ album release tour in May 2020