Over 1000 euros donated to Alzheimer Nederland

We did it! Thanks to all your kind donations, with our single Mr. Alzheimer we’ve raised over 1000 euros for the Alzheimer Society in the Netherlands.

Thank you

Over 55 beautiful people donated to our special action page (Dutch only) after they’ve listened to our single Mr. Alzheimer. Big big thanks to: Lin, Annelies, Aad, Pien, Tom, Elmy, Willie, Lydia, Ronald, Jacobien, Anneke, René, Marian, Gideon, Chantal, Alex, Renee, Miranda, Lia, Joshua, Inge, Hans, Peet, Wil, Frits, Andy, Joke, The Shack (Berry & Rian), Froukje, Melle, Irma, Jeroen, Jimi Jimi Jimi, Wil, Ria, Marloes, Patrick, Wendy, Mulligans (Miriam & Ben), Mariëlle, Boy, Rianne, Jan, Cleo, Cindy, Charles, Vincent, Marijke, Paul, Aad, Sylvia, S.M., Mariska, Ilse, Annemarie, Jomaro, Marlene, Monique, Arnold, Daniëlle, Martin, Marjan, Ankie, Conny, Carin, and many many more!

Just keep streaming

And that’s not all folks! By watching our Youtube video and streaming our single on Spotify, iTunes and more, we’re still collecting to support the Alzheimer Society in Ireland as well! So please, add Mr. Alzheimer to you playlist, download it or do whatever you like to support our action. We love you all!