Story behind the song

The story behind Close

Speaking of personal songs that are very close to us, perhaps Close is the most personal we can get. It’s the story of a son singing to his late dad.

Or in our case, David singing to his deceased father.

County Clare

In the song David is walking the Burren, the rich karst limestone landscape of county Clare. The sun is shining and he’s feeling grand. But he is thinking about his dad, and how he would love to have showed him the beauty of this land. And while he is thinking that, he looks at his shadow and visions his dad is walking with him. Now he can show him the land and the sea which we so dearly love.

White roses

In the chorus we sing ‘watching your white roses grow in our garden…’. Well, that’s super real. The white rose in our garden belonged to David’s dad. He worked all his life in the green houses growing the most beautiful flowers. The white roses were his favourite. In his front garden was a white rose bush on a stem. After he passed away, we transferred the rose to our own garden. The family thought that it wouldn’t work, but it did! And every rose on it that flourish makes us very proud.


Close is all about staying connected with the ones we love, even if they’re not with us anymore. We would have love to bring David’s dad to county Clare, to show him the Burren, the cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean. We think he would have love it very much. We know he is very proud of us. With this homage, we can sing and think about him and keep him close forever. Thanks dad!