Boxin’ The Vox in action for the Alzheimer Society

With their new single Mr. Alzheimer, Boxin’ The Vox hopes to collect as many donations as possible for the Alzheimer Society in the Netherlands and Ireland.

The Dutch folk duo with a love for Irish music donates all proceeds of their single to charity. The protest song Mr. Alzheimer can be listened to and downloaded via all known music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. If you listen for free, you can also contribute to this action. So be sure to join in!

Protest song

David Plasmeijer and Anne-Lotte Paymans are a musical couple from De Kwakel in the province of North-Holland. They experience the consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia up close. David’s mother has been suffering from the terrible disease that affects her memory for over 15 years. ‘She was the source of inspiration for the song, even though the lyrics are not directly about her’, says Anne-Lotte. ‘Mr. Alzheimer’s is a protest song, with which we actually take action against the disease that takes the most beautiful memories away from you and leaves them in the dark. In the song we address Mr. Alzheimer’s and ask him to leave our memories alone, instead of leaving empty eyes behind.’

The Netherlands and Ireland

The protest song is written and sung by Anne-Lotte who also plays the guitar. David plays the melody line on the lute, a medieval stringed instrument and sings along in the bridge of the song, where the voices of demented people resound. Boxin’ The Vox recorded the music in studios in Doornenburg and Miltown Malbay in Ireland. In the studio in county Clare, Ireland, Adam Shapiro from South Africa added a beautiful touch with his fiddle. The Irish musician Jon O’Connell plays the double bass with a bow, which contributes to the dark, dramatic atmosphere of the music.

Extra donations

The idea of taking the song into action against dementia arose on stage. Anne-Lotte: ‘We noticed that our audience, just like us, feels very committed to this song. So in March we contacted the Alzheimer Society in the Netherlands to offer them the single’. On this special website (Dutch only) you can, besides listening to the song, also make an extra donation and follow our action. Go team Boxin’ The Vox!