Airtime on A World of Difference radio show

Flash! Thunder! Newsflash! Roger Williams of A World of Difference played Before You Depart and Day Of Days on the radio.

Roger Williams is the presenter of the very nice radio show A World of Difference in which he takes the listener on a journey of acoustic roots and folk music. And so it happened that we got in contact with Roger and he listened to our album Seven White Horses. He liked it so much that he played not just one, but two tracks of the album on his radio show on Tuesday 24 November 2020. You can listen to the fragments below:

Before You Depart

‘This is a track I particularly like from the album and it’s called: Before you Depart’

Before You Depart on A World of Difference

Day Of Days

‘That is very neat and tight, isn’t it? Flash Thunder!’

Day of Days on A World of Difference

Blues & Roots Radio

We can recommend listening to A World of Difference, it’s a very enjoyable radio show. It’s on bluesandrootsradio.com every Tuesday evening from 8pm till 10 pm (21.00-23.00 Dutch time).